Alpha Industries’ subcultural iconic MA-1 Bomber reimagined by Tenue.

Infused with the love for the brand, fuelled by nostalgia, the MA-1 Bomber version of Tenue. is a tribute to Amsterdam underground, encapsulating the spirit of rebellious uproar and the confidence to celebrate (artistic) freedom without limitations. 

For over 60 years, the U.S. military has relied on the quality and rugged functionality of flight jackets from Alpha Industries. For this collaboration, Tenue. takes flight style out of Alpha’s iconic ‘over-construction’ and blended it with the influential 1990s hardcore and punk rock style.


Military gear became widely available during the late 20th century and the MA-1 became a must-have for both the punk rock and Hardcore scene: There was simply no way around Alpha Industries subcultures.

“In the 1990s, the year that Punk became widely influential again here, following the NYC hardcore and LA Punk Rock explosion, Europe was taken over by bands like Agnostic Front, Madball, Rancid, Black Flag, Social Distortion, Bad Religion and Cro Mags. In the time predating the internet and social media, the only way to find inspiration for new music, clothing and style was memorizing the record covers of those bands. We went in deep. They were wearing befriended band shirts, jeans, khaki’s, leather & bomber jackets, sneakers and army boots. Being from small towns in the Netherlands, all we wanted to know was how those cats were living their lives in NYC and LA. Those pictures of our heroes wearing Alpha bomber jackets were so iconic. When the MA-1 became a must-have for both the Punk and Hardcore (Oi!) subculture, Skateboard scene as well as the Hardcore House music scene, there was no way around Alpha Industries, we would fight within our groups to have dips on the Alpha colorways. Who was wearing the Black, Burgundy or Sage? Well, and there was me, wearing the Sage green religiously. It became my daily driver, I wore it to bits” – Rudy Ross, co-owner Tenue. and music connoisseur.

For this collaboration, we created our own Tenue. custom stone washed 'Sage Green' colourway. The iconic orange satin lining is a reference to the jacket's military past, designed to help downed pilots be spotted. The Tenue. MA-1 jacket has a branded and removable flight tag and Tenue. embossed snap buttons.

Available from November 17th 2023 15:00 CET at the Tenue. Store in Amsterdam, online and at selected retailers.

tenue x alpha industries bomber jacket