Denim & Sustainability

If one thing should be abundantly clear in fashion, it is that every new piece of clothing has an ecological footprint. This is why we think carefully about any Tenue. garment we create. Jeans are not considered to be especially sustainable. But we at Tenue. believe that the strength of high quality denim could be a wonderful metaphor when we set a new standard for a more durable and responsible wardrobe of the future.

tenue buy less but betterLet’s not forget; back in the day, jeans would cost a month's salary and they were built to last a lifetime. Simply replacing them every now and then was just not an option. Repairing your jeans was a necessity. But even today, great jeans are strong enough to survive years of wear. So you should definitely not need too many of them.

On top of that, jeans don’t have to be washed so often and they only get more beautiful with age and wear. We therefore believe there are not many things more sustainable than wearing your favourite jeans until they break, then repairing them and giving them countless years of extra life. Simply continuing to wear your go-to jeans for years in a row can and will contribute to a positive change. This is why we hope to inspire people to buy less, but buy better. Read how we make a difference and how we can help you to buy better jeans.
tenue wash only when life happens