Buy Better Jeans

How do I buy better (jeans)?

We are driven to contribute to a more sustainable future in fashion. But we also realise it can be overwhelming and sometimes difficult to make responsible choices. How do you know what choice is better than another? To guide you along the way we outlined 5 simple things you could consider when buying a new pair of jeans. Because making sustainable choices doesn’t have to be so hard after all! 

  1. 1. Do I really need new jeans?

    Is this a spur of the moment purchase?
    Will I actually wear and enjoy this product for a really long time?


  2. 2. What are my jeans made of?  

    Is this a high-quality product and is it made to last?
    Are the fibers used in this fabric responsible, organic or recycled?
    Did you know ‘raw’ jeans require much less water to produce?

    They also tend to last longer!

  3. 3. Where and how was this item made?

    Is the brand transparent where they produce and by whom?
    Do you think this garment is made responsibly?


  4. 4. Can you prolong the life of this item through repair

    We believe in prolonging the life of any garment!
    We provide free lifetime repairs on all Tenue. jeans.
    Jeans bought at other stores are welcome to be repaired at our Tenue. repair-shop.

    Let’s never forget: jeans become more beautiful with age.

  5. 5. Do you know what to do with your old worn-out jeans if you don’t want them anymore?

    We are happy to take back your worn-out Tenue. jeans.
    Are your jeans really beyond repair? Let’s recycle!
    We can use the fabric for repairs, or we can find other ways to put it to use.

If you need any assistance in buying responsibly, talk to our lovely store employees or send us a message — we’ll be sure to lend a helping hand!